Hiring the Church or Crypt

Our church and crypt halls are available for hire either for one-off or regular use. They are regularly used for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, training events, receptions and parties. If you would like to enquire about availability then please contact us at admin@stgeorge-themartyr.co.uk or on 0207 357 7331.

Find more information on pricing in our Venue Brochure.
If you would like to request a booking, please complete a Booking Form to return by email.

Click here for a panorama of one of our crypt meeting rooms. Or see below for a full collection of photos of the crypt space and Church space.

Please note: At present, the church is fully used on Sundays and the crypt is in use all day on Mondays. Please see the calendar below to check whether or not your preferred date is available. If it is not available, please check with the office for other possibilities. The calendar below shows availability for both the church and the crypt.

‘This is a great hidden venue, perfect for conferences, meetings and all kinds of activities. We used the large kitchen to cook lunch for our 32 delegates, one of the halls to take part in a dance lesson and held meetings in another. I wouldn’t think twice about booking again.’ – Crypt Hirer