Part of our Young Adults group made a very enjoyable and uplifting pilgrimage to Canterbury on Saturday 16 July. After parking near Canterbury, we set off to walk the final miles into Canterbury (although overoptimistic route planning meant that we had to take the train for the final two miles). We were then treated to a tour of the cathedral, treading in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims before us as we stood at the site where Thomas Becket was martyred in 1170, and marvelling at some of the wonderful architecture. A high point of the trip for many was a eucharist celebrated by Fr Jonathan in an intimate private chapel within the cathedral. But an impromptu trip that evening to Whitstable to enjoy fish and chips on the beach was also a memorable moment. Watch this space for future events!



If you are a student and you live, work or study in the area then you are especially welcome at St George’s. The number of students at St George’s is growing and we want this to be a place where students feel at home.

Being a student can be great fun but also demanding and challenging especially if you are away from home for the first time and perhaps even away from your home country. So we want to be a community which supports and encourages students and we particularly welcome international students.

Being a student is also a great time to explore some of life’s big questions – What’s it all for? What really matters to me?   And through our groups, study and worship we hope to share in thinking about these questions with you.

St George’s isn’t ever likely to be just a ‘student church’. But if you are a student, we offer the opportunity to meet other students as well as the chance to meet people of all ages and life experiences.

Our worship tends to be quite traditional but friendly and informal, with a wide range of musical styles and thoughtful and challenging preaching.

At St George’s we take the bible and our mission and service to the community very seriously. But we also seek to be inclusive and to reflect openly on the issues, experiences and challenges that people face today and to learn from others.

You are welcome at any of our services and groups but you might be particularly interested in:

  • 201Our new Sunday Evening service at 7pm in ‘term time’ which is a simple service based around the traditional service of Compline but involves music, quiet and meditation as well as the chance to relax with others afterwards.
  • Bible studies will be starting again this autumn.
  • Younger adults supper and discussion group will also start again in the autumn.
  • Our music group meeting on Mondays at 6pm and singing at our main Sunday service.

Fr Jonathan and Fr Sam provide a chaplaincy service to the London South Bank University and you can often find them there during the week. Both are available for pastoral care and support and are happy to talk to you about anything you like whether about relationships, exploring faith or practical things like housing, studies, jobs and money. You can contact them on or

We particularly welcome students who want to volunteer to help in our Community Café, Food Bank, Lunchtime Concerts or with the Robes Homeless Project. Please contact Fr Jonathan or the parish office at