What happens in church?

• Our service begins at 11am. If it’s your first time, come between about 10:50 and 10:55. It’s good to have a bit of time before the service to sit quietly. But many people turn up at 11am, so don’t be surprised if the building is quite quiet before then. Sit wherever you like.

• Dress how you feel comfortable. If you want a bit more guidance, think of what you’d wear for a simple meal at a pub or café with friends.

• You’ll be welcomed at the door and given the service booklet for the week.

• During the service, everything will be announced clearly: we won’t leave you wondering whether to stand or sit, or what to say.

• The service normally follows a similar order:

    o We begin with a hymn, and then some prayers that help us remember that we need God’s forgiveness and strength in all we do.
    o We then hear a series of readings from the Bible, and hear a sermon which explains how these are relevant for our lives today.
    o We then share bread and wine as we celebrate the Eucharist (also known as communion or mass) together. If you regularly receive communion in another church, do come forward and receive the bread and wine. Otherwise, do come forward with everyone else and simply keep your hands down. That’s the way that the minister will know that you don’t want to receive. Instead, he or she will pray a short prayer of blessing for you. If you prefer to stay in your seat, that’s alright too.

• We have an unsupervised crèche for children aged 0-5 available throughout the service. Sunday school, for 5-11 year olds, starts when an announcement is made about 15 minutes into the service.

• The toilet is through the white doors to the right of the front of church, near the piano.

• The service normally finishes by 12:15. After the service, we go downstairs and have coffee and cake together. On special occasions we have lunch together. Come and join us – we look forward to meeting you!