COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear friends

I think we are all struggling to take in the big changes we need to make in our daily lives for the next few weeks and possibly months. 

A very wise friend of mine once said on the subject of getting older:

‘don’t waste your time regretting the things you can’t do, concentrate on enjoying the things you can.’

Livestreaming Worship

For the foreseeable future, we can’t hold public services or parish groups, events or meals.  But as far as possible the clergy will continue to pray these services from home and we will ‘live stream’ them.  Livestreaming and videos are on

Prayer and care

The Church building is closed.

We will be trying to keep in touch with everyone by phone and text so do let me know how you are doing and give me a call if you need anything or want prayer for something in particular.  And we will be putting prayer resources and other things on twitter (@georgethemartyr) and the website ( so do please keep checking them.  If you don’t know to access either of these this may be a good time to learn.

Food and shopping

But we know there will be challenges.  People who are shielding or self-isolating may struggle to get their shopping.

Others may find that they are struggling to afford food for themselves and their families especially as schools have closed. 

So we are hoping to do three things:

  • Keep our community fridge going as a delivery service (foodbank is already going over to this model)
  • To cook food people can have deliveries of home-cooked meals
  • Connect people who need help with people offering to do things like shopping.

So if you are able to help with shopping, collecting surplus food from supermarkets and cooking then please let me know.

And if you need any of these services then let me know too!   Again we will put details on twitter and the website and send out text reminders. 

Help and support – being good neighbours

I have been really encouraged by how many people have offering to help and support their neighbours.  Do look out for each other, please especially touch base with older and vulnerable people.   And ‘phone a friend’ or even someone you don’t often talk to! 

And actually staying in and keeping contact with others to a minimum is a real act of love.   In reducing the opportunities this virus has to spread we are helping take care of everyone. 

God bless you!  We will get through this together.

With my love and prayers

Fr Jonathan


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