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Foodbank – We are a distribution centre for people with food bank vouchers from the Oasis Foodbank.   We are open during the community café every Thursday from 2.30pm to 4.30pm so drop in for a cup of coffee or tea as well.

We depend on donations in order to keep the Foodbank running. Food donations can be brought to the church. Please click here for an up to date Shopping list.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Foodbank, please call the church at 0207 357 7331 or email We are looking for volunteers to help between 2-5pm on Thursdays. You can come to volunteer for an hour or stay the full three hours!


HOurBank and Community Café
‘Lovely coffee and cake. Very friendly. Good atmosphere.’
‘Lovely and friendly! Gave people a chance to meet and chat. People who might otherwise have been bored and lonely. This is worth it.’
‘Very good, very welcoming.’

These are just a few ways people have described our new Community Café. The Café is open from 2pm until 4pm every Thursday. It is a free café serving tea and coffee and other snacks and refreshments meeting in the church. It is primarily intended for people who live and work locally and especially for people who are particularly in need of company and support.

Supporting London is often available at the cafe to provide information and guidance. Supporting London can help you fill in forms, write letters, contact third parties, help you access and understand your rights. Drop in for a chat to find out how we can support you.

The cafe will now also be an opportunity to learn more and sign up for timebanking through HOurBank.

How does HOurBank work?
Everyone has something that they can do well. The HOurBank is a way for people to share those skills with each other, while getting something back in return. This could be anything from shopping for a neighbour, mending a sock, or baking a cake.
For example: Bob tidies Ola’s garden, Ola teaches Min to play piano, Min mends Bob’s jacket.

Watch a short from about the HOurBank
HOurBank Film

If you would like to join the HOurBank please click on ‘Become a member’ and come along to one of our Introduction Workshops.

Become a Member


Robes – St George’s hosts the Robes Homeless Project over some of the weeks of winter. If you would like volunteer this winter, please contact Max Marsh.

If you would like to know more then please contact us at


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